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Much of the spiritual wisdom and moral content of these creative non-fiction books, the Serventa series, was directly inspired and provided by words of knowledge and teachings given by the Erasmus Foundation, a spiritual teaching and healing centre in Suffolk, UK, spiritual but not religious.

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Atlantis under the Sea

Memory of an Ill Wind and other Stories
ISBN 9781919648774

A collection of short stories of mythology and surreal nature from a unique spiritual source, the Erasmus Foundation in the UK. Some of these short stories relate to other places far off in the Universe and also include some ancient myths and legends from other cultures from the Canadian Inuit, Africa, the Tuareg of the Sahara, American Indians, Australia, Peru, Norway and Atlantis.

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Serventa, Shadow of the Light
ISBN 9781919648705

A fantasy, offering knowledge and wisdom from a unique spiritual source in an entertaining story based on old mythology about the Loch Ness monster.
One cold, miserable night on a Scottish beach Serventa is met by Beira, Queen of the Winter, and is challenged in a confrontation that eventually takes Beira home to the Light, but meanwhile the Storm Kelpies, the Blue Men of the Minch, also witness the event and want to cause trouble. Serventa is then given the task of rescuing Nessa, one of Beira's handmaidens, also a kelpie, who is chained beneath Loch Ness. Serventa finds Nessa and offers to help release her from the bondage imposed by Beira as a reprisal for harming her, caused by Nessa's negligence. Serventa cannot release Nessa from this bondage, only by setting her a series of seven tasks, each one to take place in a succession of separate lives. Each incarnation then builds up her strength enough to break the bond set by Beira and release her from the Loch.

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Serventa, Priestess of Atlantis
ISBN 9781919648712

Based on fact, this creative non-fiction story of Serventa takes us through from the beginnings of Atlantis history, about five million years ago, through to the height of its civilisation describing the way of life of the people, their behaviour, their educational system, their use of energies, their transport, their beliefs, their science, their trade with other lands, and their building influence abroad, explaining much about the use of pyramids, the Nazca lines and Stonehenge. Serventa foresees the destruction of the civilisation through the misuse of energies but is powerless to persuade the people to change until the continent is destroyed in a day and a night, about fifteen thousand years ago. How did Atlantis sink? Is Atlantis real? This book offers some answers to the legend of Atlantis.

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Serventa of Motherega
ISBN 9781919648729

The history of Motherega, known as "The Jewel of the Universe", describes the beginnings of our Universe at The Great Battle (Mankind calls the Big Bang), through to the destruction of the civilisation, about five million years ago. When did the Big Bang occur? No-one knows exactly but it was some billions of years ago, but one thing is certain; it was not the beginnings of the Universe. The Universe existed before but in a different state, before the Natural Law, the Law of the Universe as it is now. Has Man been on the Moon before? Meanwhile, Serventa works hard to maintain order of the planet but she is warned there is one who will betray her before the end.

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Serventa of Tutulümar
ISBN 9781919648750

During the Second Civilisation, Tutulümar, the age of the dinosaurs, approximately sixty-five million years ago on Earth, Serventa helps both the Iotian and the Motheregan races battle against the Andromedians, but who are the two traitors within the Iotian government? Meanwhile, much is explained about the history of our Universe, before the Big Bang, leading up to the birth of life on Earth ninety million years ago and to the end of the Second Civilisation. What was Tutulümar? What was before Tutulümar? Many secrets of the Universe are offered to the reader, with wisdom from a higher authority, to explain questions still puzzling scientists and archaeologists today.

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Serventa of Nova Talakar
ISBN 9781919648767

The Third Civilisation was the longest, but although spiritually progression was slow a great deal happened, much of it was more evil than good, referred to as Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible, influenced by the mighty Lord Set, but Serventa works hard to combat his efforts to destroy the planet.

To be published in 2024

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