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Sample from Chapter 1 - The Great Battle

In the beginning there was no beginning and no end, but then there was a beginning, if you make one within a circle. All is now and is, eternity. The light and its beginnings, did it have beginnings? Perhaps, in reality, no, because it always was, but there is a recorded history at Home in Spirit which talks of the beginning of the Universe. It came into being because there was light and the light brought forth life, but then there had always been life. It brought energy. It was the living light and within its content was great wisdom and understanding.

So, when the light was first seen out of the darkness it created some order within the Universe, not the order Mankind understands now, as much as Mankind can understand the order of the Universe as it is, but at this time, a very, very long time ago, before the Mogador Law, before, and even before that, there wasn't a chaos, there was not really an order. It is difficult to fully comprehend, but it was as if there was nothing. There was something and it became something when there was light. So, what did this light do? It created, it had within it colour, it had a sound, and the sound was colour, and colour had a sound. This was most beautiful and had no end. It was always eternal.

Now, to the beings who existed at that time, because there was life, it was very simple, but there was life and the light gave meaning to life. It gave it substance. It gave it purpose. To say that before the light there was nothing, there were things but almost without purpose, without a reason for being. It was as if, yes, the light was turned on and there was a start, a start which was recorded. It wasn't really a start because when did life start? But it was the first recording of what is written as the very early beginnings of a history. And the light was there for a long, long time, and it developed, it moved, it created, and it brought some of the Universe to an order, and in doing so more life was created because with purpose life was necessary, and life was brought into being by the necessity borne of purpose. So, even today what you are, what has been created by The Great Mind, has its roots back to this time because, as now, as it was then, there has to be purpose. Otherwise, there is nothing.

So, what did the light bring? It brought with it the life of the Universe, the life that creates everything. Without that life there is nothing. Your planet, your very Earth, Mankind analyses how things exist, how things procreate, grow, decay, reproduce and evolve, even for the beginnings of Mankind's history, for his history books, he tells a story of development, of evolution, how Mankind came into being, perhaps not quite the truth as it was the reality, but this is Mankind's interpretation of what he believes happened and this is his belief at this time and, who knows, perhaps his beliefs might change. But as Man analyses what he is, what he has, how the Earth is, yes he knows how everything exists, comes into being, but so very often he ignores the simple truth that everything within your world is brought into being by life, by the energy, by the life force The Great Mind has put within your world, and without that nothing is going to exist. Mankind forgets this. The very grass that supports life on your planet, what makes it grow, how does it perform its everyday task of growing, in spite of Man's endeavour to cover it up, to poison it, to cut it away, to move it away when it is not required and needed at times? And yet there is something that insists that life must grow and the grass is stimulated into growth in spite of Man's endeavours because nature is strong, it has to be, it must be, it is stronger than Man and must remain so; another lesson Mankind needs to know and to learn.

So, as life came into being there were those in very early times who in their origination were there to support and help the life that was being created, the life force that was there. Those beings became Spirits which perhaps you would identify and understand now. But in their very beginnings they were not quite as you would understand, but even so they were there because they had, above all, a sense of purpose, they had within them a life force which helped them go forward and to help support and create what was required. In time, there was a semblance of law and order. It was recorded and known as The Book of Droich, and this is the written history, its beginnings. Even now there are those who have existed since those very early times because it was required by the one who brought the light and they bear testament to this truth.

An Introduction

This book starts at a beginning far back beyond history, certainly beyond Man's history, to a time before this Universe when a different order ruled the dimensions of the Universe. It was at the end of this period that the Lord Set, some would call the Devil, challenged God, The Great Mind for supremacy. This Great Battle, as it is known in spirit, is termed the Big Bang according to modern scientists who are aware that some big event took place. Following the Big Bang, the Universe had been partly destroyed and was then put into the order that it is today by The Great Mind. That order is known as The Natural Law. Spirit live according to the Natural Law, which governs everything. Even in spirit not everything is known to all and only a brief history of the beginnings is recorded and available only to those ancient spirits who are dispensated to read the records.

The history of Motherega is recorded and held within the obelisk memorial left on the remains of this once beautiful world, which now lies barren and lifeless but will not always be so. Life is beginning on this planet and one day it will return to the magnificence it once was when it was known as the Jewel of the Universe.

The books in the Serventa series are fiction in that they create a story but, in the main, are based on real events and knowledge.

Many of the words in italics are from Spiritus, the language of spirit, described in the Bible as 'the language of diverse tongues', which is as old as the Universe and contains words from all languages that have been and will ever be throughout the Universe.

All the information in this book has been supplied by the spiritual guides and tutors of the Erasmus Foundation, who constantly work hard to assist this world in developing its knowledge of spirit and our spiritual heritage, through the mediumship of Paddina Cole 1915-2003. Much of chapters 1, 2 and Exordium were taken from Paddina's own writings "Of Time Continuum". for more information.

Crystal and lighthouse on Motherega Camaroi fish
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