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Sample from Chapter 3 - The beginnings of the Second Civilisation

The first civilisation had not been in existence for a long period, but many, many years had passed since it had been destroyed, and the new world was being prepared. Of course, this was to take time and would be ready 'all in due season', when it was meant to be and not before the World was ready to accept new life, but eventually people from other dimensions were slowly introduced to Eritha. The thick mist of the First Civilisation had disappeared. There was more atmosphere, more moisture in the air and seas had developed. As the air cleared, the sun was able to provide more energy upon the earth and luxuriant growth developed. The climate was warmer than on Earth today where the tropics have become restricted to equatorial regions and the climate has introduced seasons. Although the equatorial region of this new world was mostly dry, rainfall became more widespread during the wetter seasons, resulting in the development of higher sea levels that created numerous shallow inland seas. The temperature in the deepest oceans was as much as 15 to 20°C warmer than today's. Many marine reptiles, ammonites and other creatures, now extinct, populated the seas in great numbers while many dinosaurs of various types dominated the land. There was no ice or freezing temperatures and forests grew in the pole regions.

Some older tutorial guides had drawn near to the arc of the Earth to teach. Before coming to live on Eritha, in the early beginnings of the Second Civilisation, spirits were very vigorously tutored. Then, coming into the life on Eritha, after a length of time, they would then die and their spirits would return Home, sleep for a while to be recharged, re-energised, to then come again. And so, life continued. The early people were still very much of the mind with a very small brain. They were tutored by spirit on what to eat and what not to eat that could be dangerous. They only ate vegetables and fruit throughout the whole civilisation. They were also shown how to use wood, particularly for making fire and, eventually, how to use stone as a tool. The Iotians were the first people to be placed on Eritha at the inception of the new civilisation, the Second, known as Tutulümar, meaning 'adolescence' in spiritus. They had come from Iota, a Fragment from an earlier time which contained a great amount of life, but now remains empty except for seven spirits who guard it. With a high forehead, dark hair and folds of skin which hung at the back of their heads, the people were quite tall. Although a little more physical than the people of the First Civilisation they were still using thought and the strength of their minds to communicate. It was a peaceful time. It was a learning time, but the events that would shape the civilisation would not happen until much, much later. During the latter part of their civilisation the people went through an industrial revolution, becoming highly mechanised and scientifically advanced, which eventually became their downfall.

The land had been one large continent surrounded by the Panthalassa Ocean but was starting to split up during this civilisation. With the Iotians to the west the Andromedians lived along the east coast. They were the second inhabitants to establish a colony and had come from Andromeda Seven, a very old, highly evolved civilisation far off in another galaxy. They lived partly in the waters along the coast and partly on the land. During the early stages of the civilisation the Andromedians lived more in the water but in time, as life developed, they became more attached to living on the land. Although somewhat humanoid in appearance the Andromedians looked very different to the Iotians, almost fish-like. Their feet and hands were webbed with four fingers and toes, their skins blue in colour. Originally, their mouths were not filled with teeth but baleen, like the mouth of a humpback and minke whale, and their hair was like seaweed. They breathed through gills in their necks like the people of Markova on another planet. They did not speak in the early stages of their development on Eritha but mind melded, communicating just using their minds. These two very different groups of people remained separated, keeping to themselves. Dinosaurs lived mostly to the south and west, many of them existing a long way away from the inhabitants of the cities and surrounding areas, in a region known as Laurentia.

Many thousands of years later the third race of people were introduced from Motherega. By then the atmosphere was more moist and the seas had also developed. The Motheregans were very tiny humanoids who used their minds to link with their spiritual Home. With the Iotians on the west coast and the Andromedians on the east coast the Motheregans were situated in the middle of the continent, a little further south at Ōuzhōu. That land would later become Europe and a part of the East as the continent broke up and tectonic plates moved apart.

The First Civilisation on Earth

When did life start on Earth?

The first civilisation on Earth started about 90 million years ago. The people were humanoid, not apes, but very simple. They were mostly still very strongly connected to their spiritual Home from where they had come.

What evidence is there?

Nothing has survived from that time and the bodies of the people were not has strongly formed physically as people of today. Therefore no fosilised bone structure has survived to be discovered as yet.

How did it end?

After about one million years the civilisation had been given the use of fire but the people lacked any sense of responsibility and did not realise the full potential destructive ability of fire and this was how the civilisation came to an end, complete destruction by fire.

The Second Civilisation

When did life start? Was there always life? There has always been something, a life force, long, long before life started as we know it. There had always been life, perhaps beyond our comprehension? Was there always light and sound? There was always a sound and light was all that existed, containing life. Light was life. There was nothing else. That was the beginnings if there ever was a beginning within Eternity.

The earliest record in spirit is written in the Book of Droich. Who was Droich? That was a time that existed before the time of the Mogador Law, before our Universe. The earliest form of life came upon Thoraporha. It was primitive, but it was life. It didn't do much, it moved only very slowly and nothing much happened. It was at that time during the Mogador Law that seven spirits were created by Mogador, looking very much as people do today, but only seven. These seven were the beginnings and evolved over a long, long period of time. During this extremely long epoch the gracious Lord Set and those who existed as his followers, the Baalazons, created the substance of evil. They were living evil. The light also had an army of some strength. All life had been created by thought. Finally, there had to be a confrontation. Evil challenged. The Lord Set challenged the Lord of Light and these two mighty forces came together in battle, the Great Battle, the time Mankind knows as the Big Bang. It was during the Great Battle that the Lord was hurt because life then was physical as we would understand it. The Lord Set also wears a scar from this event.

It was during this time as the Great Lord rested that the Universe was put into order as we know it, the wondrous Crystal was created and the Natural Law came into being, using the Mogador Law as part of the Natural Law. A very long period of time was involved beyond our understanding. Eventually, as life came and dissipated on the Fragments, islands in space, the Great Mind appeared in the form of the Crystal, and eternal life was offered. The Fragments were then made into the seven Plains of Home and where the Baalazons had been imprisoned these were developed into the seven Lower Slopes of Home. The planet Motherega, where the Lord of Light rested after the Great Battle, had been developed for life and a spirit was sent out into the Universe to discover a place to be developed as a University of Life, Eritha, our planet Earth.

Destruction of Iotian City Dinosaurs
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