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Hedley Griffin, the author of Ancient Publishing

Hedley Griffin, author and illustrator Having started his career animating some of the films on the Mr. Men series he spent 30 years as an animation director, much of this time working for BBC and Channel 4 Schools Television. Some of the BBC programmes he worked on included "On The Road", "The Worm That Turned", "Vision On", "You and Me", "Words and Pictures", "Words and Pictures Plus", "Writing and Pictures", "Storytime", "Le Club - Les Aventures de Globo", and "Watch". Channel 4 credits include "Maths Mansion", "Rat-a-Tat-Tat", "Word Machine", and "Arts Cart".

Four stories were commissioned by BBC Storytime, "Leroy's New Bike", "Cyril's Bad Day" ISBN 978-07188286-5-3, "Cyril's New Parrot" ISBN 978-07188286-7-7, "Cyril's New Flower" ISBN 978-07188286-9-1 which were then published by Lutterworth Press. Other publications were "How to Draw 101 Super Heroes" Top That Publishing ISBN 978-18451073-8-3, "An Animator's Guide to 2D Computer Animation" Focal Press ISBN 978-02405157-9-3.

In 2003 Hedley started DangerSpot Books Ltd, writing , illustrating and self-publishing a range of child safety picture books, covering topics such as road safety, trips and falls, fire safety, farm dangers, stranger dangers, and much more. The series of 17 titles have been published in China by several different publishers, many twice over, one has been published in Holland, and two in Hungary.

Originally brought up near the south coast Hedley moved to Suffolk thirty years ago to escape the kelpies, sprites and deer flies of Sussex. He has no religion but is a lover of nature, spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

All DangerSpot ebooks are published by Andrews UK as well as some other titles.

Serventa of Tutul├╝mar

The latest book in the Serventa series has taken a long time to produce, about ninety million years. Perhaps, that was when I started writing this? Am In really that old? I am a bit of a dinosaur, I must admit. One day they might find my missing tooth to explain what I looked like. They would then give me a fancy Latin name and describe how I chased other carnivores and lived in trees. Like many misunderstood dinosaurs I have been a vegetarian for a long time. What do I look like? Who cares? It is what I did that counts and measures my success as a person or not. I don't expect my reward in heaven. I haven't earnt it here either.

What is this story about? It answers many questions about the past, few might believe, but I can only give the truth as I believe it. The occasional reader might find some logic and reason in my efforts. Some of the characters are fictitious but many are based on true events. Life is always stranger than fiction, a healthy source of inspiration and always the antidote to the writer's block. If anyone is interested in writing then they should become an explorer first. I use the little evidence Mankind has inherited to enhance the facts with some fiction to entertain the telling of a story, incorporating a little wisdom I have learnt from the spiritual knowledge offered by the Erasmus Foundation where I live.

What is this knowledge? It offers a little explanation of where we come from and our purpose for why we are here. It is not all pain and effort but how else can we learn? We must pluck the fruit of experience, tastes its flavour and ask how it happened? That is how we learn, how we find answers, by only asking the right questions. The you have the right answers. Yes, question at all times. Only by exploring you must find the treasure and then when you have dug it up you research its purpose. A writer must explore other people's excavations. Only by digesting their treasures will one become inspired to find one's own.

Other books by the author are:

“How to Draw 101 Super Heroes”
Top That Publishing ISBN 978-18451073-8-3

“Cyril's Bad Day”
Lutterworth Press ISBN 978-07188286-5-3

“Cyril's New Parrot”
Lutterworth Press ISBN 978-07188286-7-7

“Cyril's New Flower”
Lutterworth Press ISBN 978-07188286-9-1

“An Animator's Guide to
2D Computer Animation”
Focal Press ISBN 978-02405157-9-3