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The Second Civilisation

The Beginning - a time frame

When did life start? Was there always life? There has always been something, a life force, long, long before life started as we know it. There had always been life, perhaps beyond our comprehension? Was there always light and sound? There was always a sound and light was all that existed, containing life. Light was life. There was nothing else. That was the beginnings if there ever was a beginning within Eternity.

The earliest record in spirit is written in the Book of Droich. Who was Droich? That was a time that existed before the time of the Mogador Law, before our Universe. The earliest form of life came upon Thoraporha. It was primitive, but it was life. It didn't do much, it moved only very slowly and nothing much happened. It was at that time during the Mogador Law that seven spirits were created by Mogador, looking very much as people do today, but only seven. These seven were the beginnings and evolved over a long, long period of time. During this extremely long epoch the gracious Lord Set and those who existed as his followers, the Baalazons, created the substance of evil. They were living evil. The light also had an army of some strength. All life had been created by thought. Finally, there had to be a confrontation. Evil challenged. The Lord Set challenged the Lord of Light and these two mighty forces came together in battle, the Great Battle, the time Mankind knows as the Big Bang. It was during the Great Battle that the Lord was hurt because life then was physical as we would understand it. The Lord Set also wears a scar from this event.

It was during this time as the Great Lord rested that the Universe was put into order as we know it, the wondrous Crystal was created and the Natural Law came into being, using the Mogador Law as part of the Natural Law. A very long period of time was involved beyond our understanding. Eventually, as life came and dissipated on the Fragments, islands in space, the Great Mind appeared in the form of the Crystal, and eternal life was offered. The Fragments were then made into the seven Plains of Home and where the Baalazons had been imprisoned these were developed into the seven Lower Slopes of Home. The planet Motherega, where the Lord of Light rested after the Great Battle, had been developed for life and a spirit was sent out into the Universe to discover a place to be developed as a University of Life, Eritha, our planet Earth.