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This book starts at a beginning far back beyond history, certainly beyond Man's history, to a time before this Universe when a different order ruled the dimensions of the Universe. It was at the end of this period that the Lord Set, some would call the Devil, challenged God, The Great Mind for supremacy. This Great Battle, as it is known in spirit, is termed the Big Bang according to modern scientists who are aware that some big event took place. Following the Big Bang, the Universe had been partly destroyed and was then put into the order that it is today by The Great Mind. That order is known as The Natural Law. Spirit live according to the Natural Law, which governs everything. Even in spirit not everything is known to all and only a brief history of the beginnings is recorded and available only to those ancient spirits who are dispensated to read the records.

The history of Motherega is recorded and held within the obelisk memorial left on the remains of this once beautiful world, which now lies barren and lifeless but will not always be so. Life is beginning on this planet and one day it will return to the magnificence it once was when it was known as the Jewel of the Universe.

The books in the Serventa series are fiction in that they create a story but, in the main, are based on real events and knowledge.

Many of the words in italics are from Spiritus, the language of spirit, described in the Bible as 'the language of diverse tongues', which is as old as the Universe and contains words from all languages that have been and will ever be throughout the Universe.

All the information in this book has been supplied by the spiritual guides and tutors of the Erasmus Foundation, who constantly work hard to assist this world in developing its knowledge of spirit and our spiritual heritage, through the mediumship of Paddina Cole 1915-2003. Much of chapters 1, 2 and Exordium were taken from Paddina's own writings "Of Time Continuum". for more information.