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The Continent of Atlantis

The site of Atlantis

Where was Atlantis situated? Some people have suggested that Atlantis was in the Pacific Ocean while others believe it could have been sited somewehere near Greece, but, in fact, of course, it was in the Atalantic Ocean. Named after the first king, Atlanticus, who was to rule over the first inhabitants of this continent during the beginning of the Fourth Civilisation. Surely, the name for the Atylantic Ocean should give most people a sense of reality and a hint to its place within the World. It is now sunk deep beneath the ocean buried in the Atlantic Ridge, but could it surface again? Perhaps the same energies which were used to destroy this continent could one day resurface it again?

When was it destroyed?

The continent was 'destroyed in a day and a night', according to Plato, and this, I believe, was correct. It happened about fifteen thousand years ago.

Why was it destroyed?

The poeple on Atlantis had become very sophisticated, well advanced in science and technology, but as so often the flaws within mankind had become strong and influenced their behaviour. Greed was the main reason for its destruction.

Most of the factual information in this book has been provided by The Erasmus Foundation with its teachings of the history of our Earth and universe and the spiritual knowledge and wisdom that has grown with it. It is a philosophy of life and for life. Paddina Cole, who started the Foundation with her husband, Gordon, had an open memory granted to her by spirit to enable her to relate all this information about the history of Atlantis and much more.

I, amongst many others, was privileged to have witnessed so much of her gift and her knowledge and wisdom, and I have used this to write a story, based on the information we were given. All of the facts I believe to be true, one or two names are based on fact, but the tale is mostly fiction, although some of the events did happen, and it is for the reader to decide whether some of the proposed theories and the content of this book are reasonable and logical, or not; especially given the comparison of the times we are living in.

Some of the technology described is based on reality and I believe will be developed in our World in the near future, especially the use of ley lines and crystal energy which is already partly understood. Electro-magnetic energy is widely used and could be developed much more, especially with forms of transport, as it was on Atlantis.

For further spiritual knowledge and wisdom please contact the Erasmus Foundation.